Author Topic: Air flow intake alternate from fresh air intake and recirculation by itself  (Read 34661 times)

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Recently my Nissan's air con has issue, the air flow intake will alternate between fresh air intake and recirculation even though I have it set at  recirculation. the problem with this of course is that smell/dust from the outside will flow in and temperature will increase due to hot air intake from outside.


See this video.



Anyone had this problem before, what was the issue? And what was the remedy and cost?


My ride is 2.0, the buttons are a bit different, you have the 3 buttons Clean/ Fresh Air Inatke/Recirculation.


From what I read, most likely it's the cooling coil sensor or the compressor or A/C control PCB, but I'm sure most workshop will

just say compressor, that'll cost a bomb to replace. So I'm asking around to see if anyone has encountered

this problem before. I saw a few posting on similar problem, but no mention of the  real cause, solution and cost.




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Hi, Did you manage to find a solution ? I have the same problem with my Sylphy.

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could be the compressor.

You can go to either Kelvin or Yee Sing (Technic Motorcare) to check. Their contacts can be found in the forum under Premium Merchants .
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