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DIY Guide: Aircon Filter Replacement

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This is the long overdue guide on how to replace your aircon filter with aftermarket Cairefresh Filter.
You will need:
1. Philips #1 screw driver
2. Pen knife (watch your fingers!)
3. Cairefresh filter (Latio or March is the same). Yes it comes in 2 pieces and they go in together.

. My car is a 4AT so I had only tried on a 4AT. Premium and sports should be the same except for the light connection on the glove box. Those of you with 4AT with the glove light, watch your wires too!
. This is meant to be a guide. Please use at your own risk and discretion.
. Will not be responsible for any damages, injuries caused as a result of the change

Step 1.

Remove your glove box. Do this by removing the 4 top screws inside, close the door and remove the 3 bottom screws. You can keep the door closed and pull the whole glove box out.

If during removal or installation, your screws feel tight as you are removing them, support the glove box slightly. This will take the load off the screws so they will not rub against the plastic as you remove the screws.

Remember: "WATCH YOUR WIRES" for those with glove box lights!!!!

Step 2.
Remove bracket. Refer to picture for location of screws.

Step 3.
Remove filter. Filter location is shown in picture. The cover is what the support from step 2 is screwed onto.

I had to push the passenger seat all the way to the back and crawl inverted so that I can get a look at the cover. You may have to do that the first time too.

To remove the cover, pull the tab out with some force. This will pull the top portion of the cover. pull up and out to remove the bottom tab.

You have to pull with some force because the filter is larger than the hole. Then you will know why the replacement filter comes in 2 pieces.

Step 4.
You have to use a penknife to cut the paper filter from the cover.

The filter has to be trimmed to leave just the cover as shown in the picture.

Step 5
Fit in the filters. Slot in 1 piece first. Then the clumsy part where you are supposed to raise that piece into the cavity above and slot in the 2nd piece under it. Make sure your 2nd piece is all the way in it should be fully under the top piece. Otherwise, the cover may not fit.

Step 6
Replace the cover. To replace the cover, put the bottom tab into the slot, then press the top in. It is secured if the cover does not pop open on its own.


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