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Latio / Re: Selling latio hatchback boot mat in good condition
« Last post by Fredenburg on March 13, 2019, 07:40:47 PM »
Do you still have the mat by any chance, Wil?
Latio / Selling latio hatchback boot mat in good condition
« Last post by wil on February 06, 2019, 08:04:16 AM »
Anyone interested in getting a customised boot mat for latio hatchback to protect your boot from getting wet and dirty from the stuffs you have to place in. Selling for $20.

Latio / Re: Dekit R17/215/45 4x114.3 SSW Rims + Tyres
« Last post by rubyatiy on January 11, 2019, 09:43:49 PM »
They're pretty nice, how much are you looking for? Love how PhenQ Works

These are the tips and tricks you can judge with those easily
Latio / Re: brake/ tail light bulb size?
« Last post by rongshu on December 31, 2018, 08:46:15 AM »
Recently just changed the tail brake bulb by myself. Super easy to DIY.

1. Remove the clips from the liner. The liner is soft and can be bent so I just removed 3 clips. Use a flat head screw driver to pry the clip.

2. Bend the liner and you will see the tail light connectors. There is no need to remove the whole assembly. You can actually remove the individual bulb connects by twisting it.

3. Twist the bulb out from the socket. And put in the new bulb.

The rear brake bulb is P21/5W. Socket type is 1157. I bought from Autobacs @5.9 which is expensive. You should be able to find cheaper online or from other retailers.

Latio / Re: Latio 1.8 Problem
« Last post by skullcap on December 28, 2018, 10:09:25 AM »
Could be brake calipers jammed
Latio / Re: Latio 1.8 Problem
« Last post by Jazz on December 24, 2018, 04:27:43 PM »
1) Alignment
2) Tyres, check thread and pressure
3) Disk rotor warp
4) Brake piston jammed
Latio / Latio 1.8 Problem
« Last post by BigGuyslr on December 19, 2018, 12:05:39 PM »
Hi All,
Newbie here, is anyone experiencing the Latio swaying to the left while on the road (80-90kmph), it happened out of suddent and it doesnt seem to be alignment issue, need your advise the possible cause before sending to TC. Thanks
Latio / Dekitting 2006 Latio Premium sports
« Last post by wil on December 13, 2018, 12:20:05 PM »
Hi all,

I will be dekitting my latio soon.

Those interested can look at the list and PM me;

1) Engine overhaul - Year Dec 2015
(2) CVT Gearbox overhaul -Year 2017
(3)  simota Cold Air Intake plug and play
(4) Front and back impul front lip and back skirt, impul fromt grille
(5) 16 inch SSR Original Type F Rims with Michelin PS3 tyres but need swop with another 16.
(6) Rage 4 mini pot BBK
(7) bc V1 coilover
(8) Bride full bucket seat for driver and front passenger seat
(9) raizin voltage stabilizer installed
(10) grounding wires installed
(11)New Original Aircon Compressor changed in Dec 2016
(12) Alternator changed in May 2017.
(13)New original headlights(condition 10/10)  - Jun 2018
(14)New original radiator (condition 10/10) - 8th Dec 2017.
(15) original Sun shade (condition 10/10) - 5 pieces
(16) steering wheel with remote (condition 8/10)

All comes with original receipt to proof. I will also need to swop with some of your parts.

Let me know how much you are willing to pay and buyer to bear the labor costs. To settle in ERA Autopoint in Pioneer.
Qashqai / Re: Invitation To Join Team QashQai Club
« Last post by pizzaboy on November 05, 2018, 12:56:43 AM »
Latio / Re: Front Wheel Bearing Hub
« Last post by rongshu on October 16, 2018, 11:49:34 AM »
Any review on OEM wheel hub? Don't want to spend over 300 on original. How long can OEM last?
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