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WTS Vios 1.5M FL
« on: December 17, 2014, 04:30:00 PM »
Planning to sell my 12/05 FL Ncp42 Vios Blue
Mileage 133kplus
Manual Transmission

Front 2 point UR Strut bar
Lower 4 point brace
Lower mid short tie bar
Boot UR bar
Rear Progress ARB
Tomei Coilovers
Rep Orange TE37 with 195/15/50 T1R
VTTR front rotors with VTTR pads

Simple mods
Speed D 4-1 extractor
HKS Exhaust with cert
Apexi open pod with piping and seals
Battery relocated with bracket
NGK IK16 Irridium plugs changed 7/14

Apexi NA turbo timer (silver)
Rep Defi Oil Temp/Oil Pressure/Water Temp/Vac
Spy Alarm remote start
HKS 6point grounding
Mega Raizin Volt Stabaliser

Speedo RED
Aircon Panel RED
Front legroom RED

Simple ICE
Pioneer DVD,mp3,sdcard, usb, bluetooth
4 channel AMP
Front aftermarket speakers and tweeters
Back aftermarket speakers

TRD black based tail lights
Aftermarket front grill

SScus Euro PU 1 pair
Heavy gear knob
TWM Short shifter
Shifter bushings
Momo rep steering with boss kit

All repairs including front lower arm bushings changed this year Mar 2014.
Aircon cooling coil just changed in Oct 2014.
Everthing in working condition....

Pm or whatsapp to 92298454.
looking to sell everything together if price is right.