Author Topic: Xtronic CVT problems. Juke 1.6CVT bought in 2010  (Read 31425 times)

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Xtronic CVT problems. Juke 1.6CVT bought in 2010
« on: September 15, 2015, 09:36:04 AM »
Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Not alot of juke threads here. Currently having CVT problems. Sometimes the transmission would not "gear down". Usually happens when i drag 2000-2500 RPM for a prolonged period going uphill. So this is what happens
1. I drag 2k top 2.5k rpm uphill usually exit kje to bke towards woodlands.
2. The transmission will "haywire" abit some jerkiness. (that's when i know ******** happen)
3. Still can drive at speeds above 50km/h.
4. Reach traffic light and stop. Try to move off.. Cannot. Feel very heavy. Like "high gear". As though moving off from fifth gear
5. Change to "L". can  move.. but jialat la. L can use up to about 30-40km/h only ma.
6. Stop at roadside, quickly restart engine. Then can drive normally again until step 1 happens again.

Current mileage 137000km. problem started about 120000km.
Other car symptoms: Chirping/whistling usually at 1500-2000rpms.. usually when engine cold. sometimes not cold also got sound.  Rattling sound when accelerating at 3000RPM and above..

As a result, i'm not getting good mileage either due to mechanical issues or probably these symptoms affect my driving style.
Bring to Nissan before cannot reproduce for them.. Sian max.

Any other xtronic cars with same problem?

Thanks for reading.