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Checklist on collection of your new car (NO TCSS)
« on: July 15, 2006, 02:43:40 PM »
Managed to find this in my personal folder...for the benefit of all newbies.

Here's a list of things to inspect when collecting our new ride... remember to take your time and not be pressurised by the SE... and if there's any problem, demand repair on the spot, dun let the SE say "we'll fix it for you during your servicing". The SE will run through a list with you as well.
1. Master lock, individual lock, child lock
2. Window lock, power windows (at driver side and at individual side)
3. Electric mirrors
4. Headlight switch, signal switch, high beam, fog lamp (if applicable), hazard signal switch
5. Wiper switch (make sure each speed is correct), wiper spray
6. Make sure dashboard lights come on when the headlights are switched on.
7. Make sure information lights on the dashboard are lit at relavant times (eg. high beam symbol, parking brake symbol)
8. Horn, steering wheel adjusting lever
9. Boot and fuel tank cover lever
10. Seat adjuster
11. Mirrors
12. Aircon vents (make sure they can move freely)
13. Aircon (go through each fan speed, make sure the power is strong enough), defogger
14. Radio/CD player
15. Gear shift able to move freely.
16. If yours is an auto, make sure you have to step on the brake to shift out of Park, and the car can only start in N or P position.
17. Glovebox
18. Handbrake
19. Carpet (check if it is dirty or not)
20. Seats (check for stains or holes)
21. Speakers
22. Make sure the distance on the odometer is reasonable (should be less than 20km at the very most if you
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